Saturday, June 27, 2009

Part 6 - Key West Songwriter Festival 2009

Normally, I don't write on this blog with all the photos; however, the band in these photos, Craig Boyd & Southland just happens to be here this weekend of July 4th and all of next week. Craig and his guys were here for Songwriter Festival 2009 . . . they are that good . . . so if you can get your ass off for this weekend or next week . . . this is the bar.

These photos capture some of the energy in the club when these Knuckleheads work our stage. Tonight (Thursday) was magical. Come down, stay late, and to our brother, Jake, who worked his last night ever tonight, man, we'll miss you. And now a compendium of photos of what the club is like with a smoking hot band popping the clutch, smoking their tires, and careening down the drag strip. Here is a pictorial of the wild and unfettered insanisty you can expect with Craig Boyd and Southland burning down the house:

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Part 5 - Key West Songwriter Festival 2009